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The goal of EcoGenX is to set up a recycling facility for agriculture plastics throughout the prairies. We have partnered with a few companies to be dealers for their products in order to finance the building of our facility. 


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EcoGenX is now the OFFICIAL Canadian Distributor for Skellerup Industry's Quatro Boots line. There are five styles, all offering the same comfort and durability in each premium boot. 

Sizing Information​

Please read the information and carefully select your size. You will be responsible for additional shipping costs if the size is incorrect.

Trace the outline of your feet (they are likely different sizes!) with your socks on.


Measure from the tip of your toes to the point of your heel.


Choose the larger foot measurement, select the closest size that is greater than your measurement. For example, if your left foot is 235mm and your right foot is 238mm, you would select a Size 5 Quatro Boot. 



Buy a pair of boots today for a reduced price and receive them by September in time for the colder weather.

Quatro Comfort Plus PRE-SALE

C$239.99Regular PriceC$219.99Sale Price

Quatro Extreme PRE-SALE

C$259.99Regular PriceC$209.99Sale Price

Quatro Insulated PRE-SALE

C$209.99Regular PriceC$189.99Sale Price

Quatro Ranchero PRE-SALE

C$239.99Regular PriceC$209.99Sale Price

Quatro Non-Insulated PRE-SALE

C$189.99Regular PriceC$159.99Sale Price

Quatro Boots FAQ



What are the cold ratings? Do they stay malleable when cold?

Everybody's feet are different, and there are many factors in the real world compared to the testing facilities regarding "cold rating." However, the Extreme boot is rated to roughly -50 degrees Celsius up to a few hours, while the Knee High Insulated, Comfort Plus, and Rancheros are rated to roughly -30 degrees Celsius for a few hours. With the high-end rubber formulation, our boots do not get stiff like other brands in the cold.



Will the boots keep my feet dry?

Yes. The soles are equipped with charcoal wicking and odor vaporizing technology that pulls the moisture away from your feet, keeping your feet warm and dry. If the soles need to be dried, they can be taken out and put on a dryer overnight.



How comfortable are the Quatro boots?

Comfortable. The Extreme model is equipped with 7mm of insulation surrounding your foot, while the Knee High Insulated, Comfort Plus, and Rancheros come with 4mm of insulation for maximum comfort and warmth. The comfort surpasses any boot in the market. You've gotta try it to believe us!



Where can I try a pair on?

Unfortunately, as of right now, EcoGenX does not have any official dealers. We do however attend trade shows throughout the prairies and are actively looking for dealers to carry the Quatro line. Contact us if you, or anyone you know, would be interested in carrying our boots.



What's with the side gusset? Will it get caught on anything?

The side gusset is unique to Quatro. The adjustable gusset is built for tucking in clothing or larger calves. The mechanism is small enough that it won't get caught on anything.



The tread on the Quatro boots is different from any other I have seen. Why?

The tread for all Quatro boots, excluding the Rancheros, are thick and provide maximum grip. The tread is also built to expel any manure, dirt, or ice from the tread as you walk, providing that extra grip as you go about your work.


I grew up being told never to wear rubber boots while riding my horse. What's different about the Rancheros?

Quatro's Rancheros were built with horse safety and comfort in mind while providing all of the amazing features of the Quatro line. The tread differs from the other boots to allow the boot to slide in and out of the stirrup without getting caught, as well as providing the heel like the traditional cowboy boot. The boots are rated to approximately -30 degrees Celsius (warmer than your cowboy boots!) and the boot is small enough to fit inside the stirrup (unlike traditional winter boots). The boots also have a small lip around the heel so you can wear your favorite spurs!

Quatro Comfort Plus

C$239.99Regular PriceC$229.99Sale Price

Quatro Extreme

C$259.99Regular PriceC$219.99Sale Price

Quatro Insulated

C$209.99Regular PriceC$199.99Sale Price

Quatro Ranchero

C$239.99Regular PriceC$219.99Sale Price

Quatro Non-Insulated

C$189.99Regular PriceC$169.99Sale Price

Regular Pricing - Get them today!

Quatro Reviews

"They are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. Some days the temperature was -30 with the wind chill and my feet were still toasty warm. They also are not slippery on ice and hard-packed snow, grip very well. I am glad I bought them and am recommending them to anyone in the market for a pair of rubber boots."

"The footbed is amazing. Way softer and more comfortable than I was expecting. I put them on with bare feet to go feed my animals and they don't rub at all."

"I've owned many different brands over the years.  These boots have met all my expectations and then some. The design of this boot is a must for those people that have large calves. The upper area allows for expansion for those bigger calves and the ability to tuck clothing in too!"

EcoGenX carries Bag Armour products, which offer outstanding protection for plastic against the elements and wildlife.
Agri-Plastics offer high-end products for dairy farmers across Canada. From calf hutches to liquid delivery trailers, we have it all.

Below is the AgriPlastic brochure. Please view the different products and options and contact EcoGenX at to place an order.

Calf Hutches

Please contact us before placing an order to ensure you recieve the correct product for you and your operation.

Liquid Delivery Trailers 

Please contact us before placing an order to ensure you recieve the correct product for you and your operation.