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Grain Bag Recycling

EcoGenX is committed to taking responsibility for the life-cycle of grain bags in Saskatchewan - this includes the recycling of single-use plastic.

​We have built this model with the farmers in mind. Our grain bag collection services are revenue-neutral in an attempt to encourage sustainability in farming operations.


​EcoGenX will roll and collect your used grain bags for a service fee. From there, the bags are sent to our recycling partner and remanufactured into garbage bags, irrigation tube, and grain bags.

Bag Rolling Icon.png


$50 / bag

We offer an on-farm grain bag rolling service. Our team will drive out to your farm and use our skid steer and grain bag roller to tightly roll your bags.


Bag Removal Icon_edited.jpg


$20 / bag

When your bags are rolled, we will send a truck and trailer to remove them. We can fit ~70 grain bags on the trailer. If you do not have a full load, we can source other bags in your area to lower mileage costs.

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If your farming operation has the means to roll and haul the bags, you can return your bags to the EcoGenX collection site free of charge.

Additional fees may be incurred for the following scenarios:
Board Inconvenience Fee: +$5/bag
Tangled or Pile of Bags not Suitable for Rolling: +$90/hr

Work With Us

EcoGenX is searching for contractors to roll and remove grain bags from farms across Saskatchewan.

If you are interested in doing contract work for us, please review our equipment requirements.

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