The Grain Bag Roller 100 (GBR100) makes the difficult job of rolling up your grain bags quick and easy. With multiple mounting options available, rolling and loading your grain bags has never been easier. Manufactured locally in Saskatchewan, these rollers are built to do the job right!



  • Rolls bags up to 400 feet.
  • Attach to skidsteer or front end loader.
  • Trailer mount with bag kicker available for an additional $1100.00
  • Simple spear removal with fully hydraulic system.



  • Slide spear out a couple of inches & crunch bag together at side hole & push spear back through to start. Be careful not to pinch hands or wrap up into roller
  • Wrap in clockwise direction over top of spear
  • When bag is wrapped, reverse direction of spear in short jerks before pulling spear out of bag to help release.

GBR100 Grain Bag Roller


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