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Recycling Agriculture Plastics + Ag Supply Sales


When a grain bag ends up in a landfill, it can take up to 500 years to decompose.

EcoGenX Agricultural Recycling was created to divert the intake of agriculture plastic waste entering landfills and redirect it into recyclable material. 


Grain Bag Recycling

The first in the industry, EcoGenX offers a mobile service across the prairies to roll and haul your agriculture plastic waste away, saving the plastic from being burned or buried.

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Ag Supply Sales

What’s better than recycled plastic? Products made from recycled plastic!


We are proud to offer our customers an array of agricultural supplies that are safe, sustainable, and recyclable.

Suppliers We Carry

EcoGenX Agricultural Recycling has partnered with various Canadian companies to provide a range of agricultural products to our customers.

Click on one of the suppliers below to learn more about the products we carry.

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