The Opportunity


EcoGenX is searching for contractors to roll and remove grain bags from farms across Saskatchewan. 

This provides extra work to local farmers, construction companies, or individuals with the right equipment to complete the job. 

This also allows EcoGenX to reach all parts of Saskatchewan without incurring huge mileage costs for our customers. 

If you are interested in doing contract work for us, please review our equipment requirements below.

Equipment Requirements

EcoGenX requires that our contractors own a skid steer or other piece of equipment that has a minimum capacity to lift 300-500 pounds. This equipment must also have hydraulic capabilities to run a grain bag roller. A grain bag roller is also required to complete work for EcoGenX.

Storage Area Graphic.jpg

Our contractors also must own a truck and trailer that can haul a minimum of 10,000 pounds. 

Contractors must have access to a storage area big enough to house 120 grain bags, with additional room for a semi and 53' trailer to maneuver in and out of the space. Ideally, a loading ramp will also be on the property. 

Still Interested?

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