Mission Statement

Our goal is to divert the intake of agriculture plastic waste entering our landfills and to redirect the waste into recyclable material.

Dallon Leger


My name is Dallon Leger and I am the CEO and founder of EcoGenX Ag Recycling. At the age of 16, I found and developed my passion for agriculture. I am a graduate of Waterloo Oxford District Secondary School in Baden Ontario. At the age of 19, I moved to Canora Saskatchewan to pursue my love for Agriculture, in Saskatchewan. After many years of farming I began to develop an interest in business and in January of 2017 my two interests collided when I began thinking of recycling ag plastics; thus the beginning of EcoGenX I live my life with the passion and heart of the old saying" treat people the way you want to be treated" I focussed on building my company around this. Not only in my company but in my life. I have been a Firefighter for the town of Canora for the last 6 years, a Sunrise Health Region volunteer first responder, assisted in fighting large wildfires in Saskatchewan, run a program dedicated to raising funds and awareness for Childhood Cancer called Silver for Gold. It is my hope that with the hard work and dedication of being an entrepreneur I can build a company that protects our environment, working alongside our agriculture sector, while creating a new industry providing jobs in rural communities. I hope to be a role model to other entrepreneurs that with hard work and dedication success is possible for each and every one of us!

Brooke Switzer

Team Member

My name is Brooke Switzer and I grew up on a farm near Saltcoats, SK, and though my family has a Christmas Tree Farm, I was exposed to agriculture from a young age through friends and family. I graduated from the Yorkton Regional High School in 2015 and I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Regional and Urban Planning, a Certificate in Environment and Sustainability, and a minor in economics from the University of Saskatchewan, with plans to graduate in 2020. I enjoy working for EcoGenX as I believe that protecting the environment and recycling is crucial in agriculture and I want to work hard towards a 100% plastic recovery goal by educating the public and reaching out to as many people as possible. I also contribute to Silver for Gold and would like to see the charity grow to bring awareness and raise funds for the past, present, and future Childhood Cancer survivors and their families. My hopes are to assist change in the attitudes and norms regarding the environment and to promote sustainability so that future generations can enjoy the planet as we have. Two relatively unknown facts about myself are to one day travel to Iceland and to also to see a Polar Bear in the wild. 

Matthew Dawe

Team Member

My name is Matt and I went to school at the Yorkton Regional High School and graduated in 2015. I have worked at Royal Ford and Honda as a lot attendant, and was also a one-ton driver for OSS. I want to see this company succeed and be able to die knowing that I did my best to make an environmental impact in this world. I believe that working for EcoGenX and recovering plastic that would otherwise have been burned or buried is the best way possible for me to achieve that. My dream is to continue contributing to the hard work and to watch this company succeed that we have built from the ground up. A personal dream is to build a custom race car myself and to pursue a racing career if I ever had the opportunity. In the future, I would also like to own a Shelby gt500 and road trip across Europe. Big Oilers Fan.

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Our main focus currently is on the recycling of grain bags and building relationships with both the grain bag industry and farmers alike, supporting the idea that agriculture plastic waste needs to be properly recycled. Our company was founded on March 15, 2017, and in our 2017 season, EcoGenX has collected 1 million pounds of plastic. Thank you to all the farmers for making this possible. We plan to start building our recycling facility within Saskatchewan in June 2018. This will provide the Prairies with a nearby recycling outlet, alleviating the need to export waste to other countries for processing.


Our focus is also to provide the agriculture industry with products to make operations run smoother and more efficiently. We are an authorized dealer with Agri-Plastics to serve the dairy industry by providing low cost, state of the art Calf Hutches and other farming products. Additionally, we have partnered with Bag Armour and are the Canadian Distributor for their products to protect grain bags from the weather, animals, and any other unforeseen circumstances. Check out our Products page for more information.

Our company is unique as we offer a bag rolling and pick up service to farmers who wish to recycle their grain bags, but do not have time to rent a roller and haul their bags to be recycled. Here is a map of some of the locations EcoGenX has offered traveled to for on-farm pick-up.

Our Main Focus

Grain Bag Pick-Up

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